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How to Make Your Website Stand Out in 2024

You want to create a website that stands out in 2024, not just another cookie-cutter site. But with website design trends changing so fast, how do you keep up? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key steps for creating a unique, eye-catching website this year. From choosing the right colors and fonts to leveraging animation and interactive elements, we’ll show you exactly how to make a modern website that showcases your brand and leaves visitors impressed. With these tips, you’ll be able to design a website that looks great on any device and makes people stop and take notice. Read on to learn the secrets to crafting a memorable, innovative website design in 2024!

Mockup of a modern website
The Glass and Blur effects on this mockup create an elegant look.

Creating a Unique Style That Aligns With Your Brand

A custom design is key to making your website stand out. Don’t just pick a generic template – your site should reflect your unique brand and style.

Focus on Your Brand Colors and Fonts

Use the main colors from your logo and branding throughout your site. Choose font pairings that match your brand personality. For example, a bold sans serif font conveys a modern tech company, while a serif font suits a traditional law firm.

Use Visuals That Reinforce Your Brand

Include custom graphics, photos, and icons that visually represent your company and industry. For an adventure travel company, use photos of exotic locations. For a preschool, use fun, cartoonish icons and illustrations.

Choose a Layout That Highlights Your Priorities

If you want to focus on bold visuals, use a full-width image slider or gallery on the home page. To highlight your services or products, use a grid layout. For an ecommerce site, make the product images and “Buy Now” buttons prominent.

Maintain a Consistent Design Across All Pages

Use the same navigation menu, footer, and sidebar across your entire website. Place elements like the logo, search bar, and primary navigation in the same position on each page. This consistency makes for a cohesive user experience and reinforces your brand at every touchpoint.

Using Unique Graphics and Images to Stand Out

Want to make your website pop? Adding eye-catching graphics and images is key.

Use High-Quality, Custom Photos

Stock photos are overused and forgettable. Take your own photos or hire a photographer to get shots of your team, office, products, or services. Readers will appreciate the authenticity.

Create Custom Graphics and Infographics

Infographics, charts, graphs, icons, and illustrations help bring data and key points to life. Work with a graphic designer to develop custom graphics tailored to your content and brand.

Choose an Unconventional Color Palette

Most websites stick to basic color schemes, so choosing a vibrant or unusual color palette, like teal and orange or rose gold and navy, will make your site instantly memorable.

Add Video or Animation

Create short video explainers discussing your products, services, or company mission. Or add subtle animations, like floating images or icon hovers, to bring extra whimsy and delight.

Use Interactive or Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling, where the background images scroll at a different speed than the foreground content, gives a 3D effect and dynamic experience. Interactive scrolling, with call-out boxes or expanding images, engages readers as they explore the page.

Color Palette Example

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Website Design

When designing your website, the colors you choose can make a big impact. The colors on your site affect how visitors feel and their overall impression of your brand.

Choose a Base Color Palette

Start with two or three main colors that you want to feature prominently on your site. These could be your brand colors if you have an established brand. If not, pick colors that evoke the right mood for your site.

Use Accent Colors Sparingly

Choose one or two accent colors to use sparingly, such as for call-to-action buttons. Accent colors provide contrast and help key elements stand out.

Pay Attention to Color Harmony

Combine your colors in a harmonious way by using color wheels and palettes. Colors that sit next to or across from each other on the color wheel tend to look harmonious together.

Consider Accessibility

Make sure your color choices don’t make your site difficult to use for those with visual impairments. Sufficient color contrast and options like a “high contrast” toggle can help make your site accessible.

Optimizing Website Content for SEO

To make your website stand out in search results, you need to optimize your content for search engine optimization (SEO).

Use Relevant Keywords

  • Focus your content around important keywords for your business and industry. Use these keywords naturally throughout your content.

Write Compelling Headings

  • Your headings should capture attention and convey your most important keywords and key messages.

Keep Sentences and Paragraphs Short

  • Write in a simple, easy-to-read style using short sentences and paragraphs. This makes your content more scannable for readers and helps search engines quickly grasp your key ideas.

Include Relevant Links

  • Link to other authoritative websites and resources to support facts or points in your content.

Update and Refresh Content

  • Keep your content up to date by reviewing and revising as needed. Update statistics, examples, references, and other details to reflect the latest facts.

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