2021Website ▵ Brand Identity
Prysm transformed Your Whole Meal's online presence, infusing their website with vibrant photos of delectable meal offerings, while capturing the fun and engaging flavor of the brand, resulting in an enticing and immersive culinary experience for visitors.

Project Challenge


The challenge for Prysm in revamping Your Whole Meal’s website lay in optimizing page speed and performance to ensure seamless navigation and user experience, reflecting the brand’s commitment to convenience. Additionally, capturing the essence of the brand, known for its fun and engaging flavor, while creating a visually appealing and bright visual identity presented a fun and complex challenge.

Balancing these aspects required a delicate touch, ensuring every detail of the website resonated with the brand’s lively and engaging personality, resulting in an online journey that left customers hungry for more.

Design Approach

Crafting a Feast for the Eyes.

Prysm’s approach drew inspiration from the vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables, infusing the website with a clean yet lively vibe that perfectly captured the essence of the brand.

The Solution

The Recipe for Digital Success.

Prysm delivered a comprehensive solution for Your Whole Meal, prioritizing fast page speed and optimization to enhance user experience and efficiency. By infusing the website with vibrant colors and playful design elements, we captured the brand’s essence of fun and freshness. The creation of appetizing layouts for menu items further immersed visitors in a delightful culinary experience, ensuring an overall inviting and enjoyable atmosphere that reflected the brand’s essence.

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