Elite Surface Infrastructure
Prysm paved the way for ESI's online presence, constructing a sleek and navigable website fit to navigate the digital highways of Colorado's construction and transportation industry.

Project Challenge


ESI, one of Colorado’s largest roadway and construction contractors, tasked Prysm with the challenge of optimizing their online presence for page speed and performance for ESI’s website, ensuring smooth navigation and user experience. Additionally, integrating a user-friendly job postings section, including digitizing the job application process for online candidates, demanded both functionality and accessibility.

Balancing these technical aspects with a cohesive, mobile-friendly responsive design, and visually appealing design, presented a multifaceted challenge that required meticulous attention to detail and strategic implementation.

Design Approach

Driven by Design.

Our approach drew inspiration from the concept of roads, incorporating straight lines and a sense of journey to symbolize ESI’s commitment to progress, while maintaining exceptional professionalism throughout the design process.

The Solution

Expanding ESI’s Digital Horizon.

Prysm Design delivered a comprehensive solution for ESI, leveraging engaging aerial footage to showcase their projects and expertise. The implementation of an online job board, coupled with a robust digital application process, streamlined hiring procedures and enhanced accessibility for potential candidates. Furthermore, the website’s responsive and highly optimized pages ensured seamless navigation across devices, reflecting ESI’s commitment to efficiency and professionalism.

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