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ChiporroSauce Co.
Prysm revitalized Chiporro's brand identity and website, transforming their online presence from outdated to vibrant, crafting a fiery yet sophisticated design that perfectly captured the essence of their bold hot sauce offerings.

Project Challenge


Prysm faced the task of encapsulating Chiporro’s fiery brand essence and diverse flavor profiles into a cohesive visual identity. Additionally, the integration of a seamless ecommerce store posed technical complexities, demanding both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, the need to capture striking product photos that accurately conveyed the essence of each hot sauce presented its own creative and logistical hurdles. Despite these challenges, we tackled each aspect with precision and passion, ensuring Chiporro’s online presence reflected the brand’s fiery spirit and culinary creativity.

Design Approach

Sizzle and Style, Crafted to Impress.

Fluidly blending classy backgrounds and imagery with fiery colors, our design approach, complemented by vibrant product photos, captured Chiporro’s bold and dynamic brand with captivating finesse.

The Solution

Flavorful Experience, Effortless Transactions.

Prysm delivered a comprehensive solution for Chiporro, seamlessly integrating a user-friendly storefront with a dynamic store locator feature. Additionally, robust backend features were implemented to streamline order processing, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both customers and administrators alike. From browsing to purchasing to SEO, every aspect of the website was meticulously crafted to enhance usability and facilitate smooth transactions, empowering Chiporro to effectively showcase their fiery hot sauce offerings and expand their reach.

Chiporro Hot Sauce Label and Logo Concept

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